Mexico City-based Mylko are two multi-instrumentalist producers in their mid/late 20’s who started writing music roughly 15 years ago. They both started out as drummers, which is why their music is filled with polyrhythms and interesting bass lines. They met at age 16 in high school and ended up going to the same music production school when they were 18. That’s when they became close friends and really started collaborating musically in various projects. About 5 years ago, they began composing original songs together but never had the confidence to release anything as a band.

With job opportunities abroad, both their girlfriends left them with the tough logistics of long-distance relationships, which sparked a primal, instinctual desire to start making music with a purpose. The band’s record “Contrast” is about this dark period they went through. Musically, it’s about breaking the norms of stereotypical electro pop and challenging generally accepted and popular concepts of music production and songwriting. Thematically, “Animal” could be considered the title track of the record: fighting insecurity, moving forward, and never looking back.

The band is influenced by artists such as James Blake, Flying Lotus, Atoms for Peace, FKA Twigs, or Bibio. Their album is slated for release in winter of 2015. The name Mylko comes from a moment when they were having breakfast at a friend’s house in the US and their friend exclaimed, “Spanish is so easy! Just add an “o” after any English word and you can speak it. Such as, “Pass the Milk-o!!”"




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